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This crystal and stone bundle is designed specifically for enhancing love and self-healing.  

-Unakite: (pink and green stone) for nuturing, caring, and help reasonate with love.

-Carnelian (dark orange) for positive life choices, trusting yourself, and power.

-Clear Quartz (clear) for stimulating the immune system, harmonizing the chakras, and enhance the power of the other stones.

-Rose Quartz (pink) for universal love, purifying the heart, promote love and self-love.

-Malachite (dark green) absorb negative energy, clears and activates the chakras, opens the heart to unconditional love.

-Selenite (opaque clear) to bless and cleanse the other stones and connection to the higher realms.


This bundle will cleansed, blessed, and imbibed with powerful protection.  You also have the opportunity to have this blessed by specific Deities.  Please let me know which Deities' energy you would like.  Please add $3.00 for shipping.

Self-Healing and Love Crystal Bundle

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