How to connect with a Deity:

-Cleanse your energy, set up protection, and quiet your mind

-Say the name of the Deity three times out loud and ask to connect with them

-Achieve a state where you are giving and receiving energy between you effortlessly and enjoyably. 

-Before and after you disconnect, give thanks for the connection and energy you received.


If you have a specific request to make of a Deity, it is considered polite and proper to make an offer of energy, (sacrifice), to that same Deity. Ways to offer energy to a Deity:

-burn a candle and offer the energy of the flame to the Deity.  The same works for any flame.

-burn a dried sweet-smelling herb and offer the smoke.  Clean tobacco smoke is a powerful offering 

-send energy to the Deity via emotions, or any energy healing techniques.

-there are an endless amount of ways.  Experiment and find a way that you enjoy the best!