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The Peace of the River Session

Increase peace and connect with Source River

  • 15 minutes
  • 25 US dollars
  • Facetime, call, zoom?

Service Description

With this new year and era, it is easier and more pleasurable than ever to experience deep, profound peace. Within all of us is a river of peace, wellness, and love. It connects us to All things alive and in our universe. When we feel bad, it's because we feel disconnected from this river. Many call this river Source. In this session, you will be guided to connect with Source in a profound and deeper way. I will also guide Source energy to cleanse your energetic self so your entire being becomes a-washed in peace. Additionally, as a take-home, you will learn an immediate and easy technique to connect on your own, to increase your own peaceful practice at home. $25 for each 15 minute session. Please specify in "notes" or email the length of session you would like, and if you would prefer zoom, call, or facetime. ( or 636-345-0206).

Contact Details


Seabrook, NH, USA

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