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The Importance of Falling

Greetings to you all! So often in life, we find ourselves knocked flat on our back from a life event that floors us. We lay there, unable to get up initially, moving our hands and feet about like a flipped-over turtle. I often have to fight the inclination to run from the feelings that spring up, and all memories of the event that caused them. However, it is through these moments in which our greatness has an opportunity to come forth, to rise up and make us better than ever before. It is through these moments, which we often call mistakes and failings, that we come closer to our true selves, the Gods, family and friends, and what we want in life.

When we are knocked to the ground, we pray harder than ever before. The Gods and those we believe in come closer to us because we open the doors. We desperately pray for help, guidance, love, relief, and ask that those beings in whom we believe come to us. We remove the blockages that we put up during happy times. We receive more love than normally not only because that's when we need more, but that is when we allow more.

When we fall to the ground, we are forced to look at ourselves and how our decisions led us to that moment of falling. We realize greater wisdom of ourselves and the world around us. We decide what we don't want, and that let's us discover what we DO want. When we know and declare what we WANT, then we may receive that. But, it is through the moments of trial, the moments of "I don't want this" that give us the most clarity of thought and purpose. With clarity of thought and purpose, we are able to rise above what we were and become what we want to be. The Universe always gives us what we want. When we are clear about what we want, the Universe is then able to give it to us with swiftness, precision, and power.

The world in which we live is comprised of BOTH negative and positive forces. It is through navigating this world of negative and positive that humans have been able to evolve, grow, strengthen into the wonderous creatures we are today. When we are happy, there is little to no motivation to change and grow. Why mess with what is good? If it ain't broke, don't fix it. When we are unhappy, we change quickly and powerfully. If for no other reason than we want to feel happy again. It is through unhappiness that we are encouraged to change, to become stronger, to become a higher version of ourselves. It is through the negative emotions that provide us the greatest insights into where we stand on our path and where we want to go. It is through negative emotions that we know we are growing, expanding, and becoming greater. To get away from negative emotions would not only separate us from existence, but would also stifle our innate magnificence. Plus, the negative emotions allow us to appreciate the positive ones more acutely.

We have all experienced the humbling love of receiving help from fellow humans after being knocked to the ground. We are a social species and experience friendships and families not only for survival, but for a greater connection to love and enjoyment. When we are humbled and receive support from loved ones, it allows us insights into others. We discover who we can trust, who truly loves us, and who we should pursue for deeper relationships. It strengthens relationships that are good for us to strengthen, and dissolves relationships not for our highest good.

I call all of us to embrace these moments of trial and seeming punishment, and instead see them as opportunities to become greater than we currently are. To come into a deeper understanding of ourselves, in what we believe, the Gods, and family and friends. These moments are truly Divine and wisdom tells us to embrace them for our highest good.

Much love to you all!


Once in a Blue Moon Energy

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Grace Durfee
Grace Durfee
Oct 31, 2022

Your posts are balm for my soul after an extremely challenging week. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world!

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