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An Offer of Love from Aiah

(Opening message) Oh listen for I tell you, draw close to us and that which you love. Hold your dear ones, and own dear hearts, close. Go stand in the world and declare its beauty. Return to and connect with the Earth and allow us to heal you. For we love you dearly and seek a renewal, a return to what was. A deep cleansing of old and refresh into new. We all, humans and Deities alike, are wiser. Come forth and meet us with Love.

(In reply to many questions) You ask "why do I not have...?" I ask you "why do you push away what is always being given you?" Open your eyes and you will find what you seek.

(On current affairs) Widen your horizons, expand your views, walk about in another's shoes.

(Closing message) Participate in Life. For Life is composed equally of highs and lows. Look for both for both are there and should equally be sought. Seek strength in self. Deep love in all you do. Compassion for yourself most of all!

Channeled on 2/2/22 with much love.

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